• Hi, I’m Ethan!

    Learn all about me and my book, “Welcome to Niceville”


I’m a big advocate on anti-bullying. I strongly believe bullying should be completely extinct.

Public Speaker.

I want to spread joy, love, and peace through the power of words. I may seem little, but my insights are huge!


When I’m not on the soccer field or spending time with my friends and family, I focus on my art and writing.

About Welcome to Niceville

Niceville is a town on planet earth that tries it’s best to maintain a caring, loving, and friendly environment for its citizens. Top Hat and Tip (his sidekick), make sure to not allow bullying of any type. The town of Niceville has a visitor from a neighboring planet, Bullyville, who learns many lessons about why bullying is not good. This exciting book, by author Ethan Lee Dowiat, will help all children get a better idea of what bullying is and what it can look like. They will learn the power of being kind and respectful to others rather than being a bully.

About Ethan Lee Dowiat

Ethan’s passion for writing and creating characters began at the early age of three. Throughout the years, he has written and illustrated many stories and comics. Ethan wants to inspire people around the world with his creative visions. He wanted to create a storyline with relatable characters on a topic he feels constantly needs awareness. Ethan decided to write his first book on anti-bullying. At the young age of ten, Ethan has authored and published his first book, “Welcome to Niceville”. Currently, he is sharing his message with his school by donating copies of his book to the school library. Ethan hopes his book will inspire people of all ages to be kind to one another, and is looking forward to writing his next book.

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